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As a recruitment business, the most important hires that you will ever make are into your own organisation. Getting your own hiring correct is actually more important and valuable than recruiting for your clients. The problem is that finding the right consultant for your business can often be at least as challenging as working on complex hires for an awkward client.

When hiring your own consultants you have two stark choices and both have their own problems. Hire experienced people – but they can be expensive, come with a lot of baggage and typically promise more than they deliver. Alternatively you can hire entry level graduates but it can be hard to assess raw talent, the individual’s expectation of a career in recruitment is often wrong and you will have to spend a large amount of time, effort and resources training that person.

  • Capture the large pool of Talented service leavers
  • Screen, filter, test and assess to narrow the field of potential.
  • Put all potential people through our intense and extensive Recruitment Academy   Programme.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive profile of suitable people for your organisation.
  • Provide an industry leading recruitment training programme for their first 12 months.
  • Delivering candidates with transferable skills that are essential in recruitment i.e. Process Driven, Accelerated Learning Curve, Resilient & Hard Work, Great Communication & Listening skills, Team Players,  Ability to ‘think out of the box’.
  • Lower attrition rate, candidates we propose will be pre-inducted into the industry and be aware and trained to deal with the challenges new recruits face when starting in the industry and committed to make a career in recruitment a success.
  • Sales Professionals with an awareness of the reality of working in a recruitment environment.
  • Assessed for commercial acumen.
  • Recommended by trainers with a knowledge of the industry.
  • Ongoing commercial interest in their success.
  • Proven, industry leading training.

Our Services to the Recruitment Industry

The Recruitment Industry can be rest assured that any candidate selected by us and put forward for an interview, has been thoroughly inducted. We will reduce the quantity, whilst increasing the quality, of CV’s submitted for interview. Saving our clients valuable time.

  • The Sales Edge will not manipulate any candidate into taking a position just for the sake of ‘another placement.’
  • Training your new recruits.

The Sales Edge offers a professional, qualified service that can take the Induction & Training out of the hands of Recruitment Organisations and return to them certified industry-inducted consultants who can hit the desk running.

The Recruitment Academy is an Online Academy Delivered in the Following Areas:

  • Understanding the Industry and Different roles in Recruitment including Legislation.
  • Formula for Success.
  • Role of a Recruiter (Identifying prospects, Marketing, Cold-Calling, Permanent or Contract, Overcoming Objectives, Selling USP’s , Managing the Rec ruitment Process, Time Management, Upselling, Taking Job Orders, marketing CVs, Margins/GP etc).
  • Role of a Resourcer (How to identify/search candidates, writing successful job adverts, retaining and attracting candidates, read CVs, interview techniques, qualifying candidates etc).
  • Effective Communication Skills.
  • PSL, Managed Agents, Retained Business, Search Assignments.
  • Social Networking Sites for Business (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook).
  • Role Playing in a recruitment environment.

The process is two way and completely transparent; The Academy team enhances the knowledge of the Trainees with regards to the recruitment industry . This is achieved through an exchange of information and activities.

The Sales Edge Has a Range of Recruitment Training Programs Available

  1.  Core Recruitment Training for sales professionals thinking of entering the Recruitment Industry, an online academy followed by a placement service within the Recruitment Industry.
  2.  Induction and Refresher Recruitment Training Program 1-4 days on or off site available to Recruitment Agencies to send their new Recruitment Consultants.
  3.  2 Day Sales Training for experienced recruitment consultants

Experienced Hires

As well as offering our clients Trainee Recruitment Consultants, we can assist in identifying and approaching experienced Recruitment Consultants/Managers who may be looking for new opportunities.

Using our expertise and market knowledge we are able to find the right match between candidate and client and offer a bespoke service for each individual requirement with complete confidentiality guaranteed.

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