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Recruitment Agencies Throughout the UK

Recruitment Companies Partner with our Academy

There are an estimated 8000 recruitment agencies throughout the UK who are constantly on the lookout for people who have the suitable skills to take their first steps in this lucrative career, where typical salaries of £50k-£60k+ within 2 years is not uncommon.

We act as a bridge into the world of recruitment. Firstly, we take your existing skills and convert them by giving you all the knowledge you need to hit the ground running on day one of your new career.

Secondly, we use our own substantial network of contacts within the recruitment industry to organise interviews with companies in a location that suits you.

Over the last 15 months, we have built up a relationship with over 250 recruitment companies across the UK who now partner with the recruitment academy.

The Sales Edge Recruitment Academy

We introduce you to recruitment, train you, prepare and arrange interviews and then secure you employment with a recruitment company close to where you will be residing/living. We always strive to select a recruitment industry that best matches your interests, personal attributes, ambition and work experience to date.

Our financial/business model is built around the introduction fee that we receive from our partners, the recruitment agencies that subsequently employs you. Therefore the model would break down, if we moved forward with everyone who was interested in the recruitment course and then find ourselves not being able to secure you employment, therefore our intensive internal selection process is to ensure that recruitment is the career for you.

We truly offer a unique concept in the market, no other company will offer you first class training in recruitment, that will allow you to hit the ground running from day 1, prepare you for interviews, guarantee a minimum of 3 interviews with our recruitment partners that best matches your goals and aspirations and then have a continuous interest in your development.

Recruitment is a great industry to be working in and very lucrative, however it can be challenging but with the correct training and attitude, it is an industry that you will get great job satisfaction.

What Does It Cost?

The full cost of the training would be ££££££. However, we are able to offer this course for FREE, as we are retained by recruitment companies to identify sales talent with the aptitude for recruitment, therefore lowering their financial risk by delivering candidates who have been pre-inducted into the industry.

The Cost for our Course

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