Online Recruitment Training Programme

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Program Info & Cover Agenda

10-21 day program: On-Line, Skype, Telephone, Classroom (Optional)

Target audience: Sales Professionals.

Module 1 Understanding the Industry
Understanding the industry and different roles in recruitment
Unit 1 Introduction & Program Objectives
Unit 2 What is a Recruitment Consultant? – Typical day - UK & Abroad
Unit 3 Recruitment process
Unit 4 Recruitment approaches
Unit 5 Job Boards
Unit 6 Recruitment Agency Advantages
Unit 7 Structures, Terminology and Processes
Unit 8 Trends in the Recruitment Industry – Overview of the Different Recruitment Sectors
Unit 9 Overview of the different roles in Recruitment / Careers in Recruitment
Unit 10 Value of the Recruitment Industry- £££££££££££££
Unit 11 Starting Salaries and Remuneration
Unit 12 Why the Recruitment Industry is beating the recession
Unit 13 Legislation in Recruitment and Data Protection Act
Unit 14 Recruitment Governing Bodies and Recruitment Qualifications
Unit 15 Formula For Success in Recruitment
Unit 16 The key competencies that you require as a recruitment consultant & 5 Attributes that make a good recruiter.
Unit 17 Example of Terms & Conditions of Business (T&C’s)
Unit 18 Typical Example of Agreement sent to a client looking to hire CONTRACTORS
Module 2 Role of a Recruiter - Part 1
Role of a Recruiter (Works with Prospective Clients to build a relationship so the Prospective Client becomes a Client who continuously gives you requirements (Job roles) to work with.
Unit 1 The Role and Purpose of the Recruiter
Unit 2 Should I work in Permanent or Contract/Temps Recruitment ? (Find a niche)
Unit 3 Identifying your market and prospective clients:
Unit 4 Cold Calling / Email Introductions and dealing with rejection
Unit 5 To Know How to Recruit We Must Understand Rejection
Unit 6 Preparing your introduction call to your prospect and structure the message that you want to send
Unit 7 Company Branding / USP
Unit 8 By-Passing the GateKeeper - Secretary/Receptionist
Unit 9 Building Client Relationships
Unit 10 Overcoming Objections - Clients
Unit 11 Qualifying Job Requirements/Questions to ask clients:
Unit 12 Taking a clear Job Order
Unit 13 Managing the Recruitment Sales Process & Requirement Process and manage your clients expectations
Unit 14 Presentation of CVs - If you are waiting for your candidate to send updated CV
Unit 15 ABC – Always Be Closing
Unit 16 Negotiation, creating a positive relationship?
Unit 17 Dealing with Employment / Contract offers…..dealing with counter offers!
Module 3 Role of a Resourcer
Role of a Resourcer and communication
Unit 1 Role of a Resourcer (Candidate Focused)
Unit 2 Communication Between the resourcer and the recruiter when working a job requirement
Unit 3 How to identify/Search for candidates to comply a short-list
Unit 4 How to write a successful Job Advert
Unit 5 Qualify & Reference Candidates
Unit 6 Manage the candidates expectations
Unit 7 How to Secure Daily Rate / Salary Commitment
Unit 8 Retaining Candidates – Attraction, Retention & Control
Unit 9 Gaining exclusivity with a candidate
Unit 10 Building Trust & Long Term Relationships with candidates
Unit 11 Interview Techniques (Picking up market information from the candidate)
Unit 12 Speed of Delivery of candidates
Unit 13 5 Steps to Recruiting(Resourcing) Candidates (passive):
Unit 14 Dealing with Candidate Concerns – Why and How
Unit 15 Candidate Cold Calling Script.
Unit 16 Prepare Candidates for Interview & Close the role after Interview
Module 4 Role of a Recruiter – Part 2
Role of a Recruiter (Works with Prospective Clients to build a relationship so the Prospective Client becomes a Client who continuously gives you requirements (Job roles) to work with.
Unit 1 Sales Cycle – Turning Prospects into customers
Unit 2 Developing your Prospects (Repeat Business)
Unit 3 Time Management (Planning & Preparation)
Unit 4 Marketing CVs to Prospective Clients
Unit 5 Coaching the Client – Motivating the client to “sell” his company & role to the candidate
Unit 6 Upselling
Unit 7 Numbers Game: (Better Interview to Placement Ratio)
Unit 8 Margins, Gross Profit, Net Profit
Unit 9 Client Visits - Tips
Unit 10 Cracking PSL’s
Unit 11 Overcoming Candidate & Client Objections: Examples & Practice – AGAIN!
Unit 12 Effective Communication Skills: Telephone and email
Unit 13 Care & Feeding of the Voice
Unit 14 Psychology in Recruitment / Sales
Unit 15 Preferred Supplier Status
Unit 16 Retained Business
Unit 17 Managed Agency
Unit 18 Head-Hunting (Search Assignments)
Unit 19 Maximising Social Networking Sites / Job boards
Module 5 Final Examination
Recruitment Academy examination and final notes.
Unit 1 Recruitment Academy Final Examination
Unit 2 Recruitment Academy Final Notes