Answering Your Questions on Recruitment

The Recruitment industry is one of the fastest growing sectors within business in the UK and as a result there are a multitude of opportunities for ambitious individuals. People are now recognised as one of the biggest assets within any successful business in the current economy. Companies know that they must recruit the best talent in order to achieve the best results and maintain the best chance for commercial success. By becoming a Recruitment Consultant you become an agent of this valuable resource.

Recruitment Consultants are sales people. Recruitment Consultants sell themselves and their service to candidates and clients, ensuring that the needs of both are met in a professional manner. Good Recruitment consultants build long-term relationships at all levels and build an excellent reputation for themselves, becoming extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise. They become someone businesses trust to give them advice on the most vital part of their organisation – People. People are what drive a company forward and make it successful. Recruitment Consultants shape the future of the corporate world.

Recruitment is a dual selling process. At all stages, it is your responsibility as a Recruitment Consultant to control the sales process for your candidates and clients, ensuring that you are making placements and earning yourself some good commission in the process!

There are many steps in the Recruitment process. These are outlined in brief below:
Initially in recruitment, the role is mostly phone based while you build your business generating clients and candidates through

  1. Cold calling businesses to win their business
  2. Generating candidates through networking, referrals, database searching, head hunting and lead generation.

This phone work is particularly important because as the industry moves at such a pace, the majority of your business will be carried out over the phone with some face-to-face client meetings and both internal and external candidate meetings.

You will be constantly gathering information by asking open questions to find out your client and candidate needs, matching the requirements, interviewing on the phone and face to face, arranging interviews, helping prepare and taking feedback from clients and candidates, managing offers and generally ensuring that the process runs smoothly for all parties!

Recruitment Consultancy is a fantastically rewarding career both personally and financially but don’t be under any illusion – it is not an easy ride!
You will get out as much as you put in and you will have a direct influence over your career progression and salary, not something a lot of industries can boast about, which will either excite or terrify you.

Recruitment is a targeted role. These targets may be daily, weekly and monthly and may consist of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and revenue generation targets (billings). These targets act as signposts to help you come to grips with the various tasks that make up your role and you will be monitored closely and given lots of support to ensure you achieve these. As you become more confident and have a better understanding of what the role entails, your targets will be more related to your Commission or Bonuses. Are you the sort of person who enjoys a challenge and will take advice from others on how to achieve your goals?

Days in Recruitment are long-the average consultant will work from 8.30am to 6.00/7ish depending on workload and determination to succeed. If you want to do well, you are likely to want to work long hours and put in the ground work for your success. It can be very satisfying working that little bit extra and seeing your pay packet grow as a result. Are you someone who really wants to make that commitment to your future career?

Managing the many components of the role can be demanding. There are a lot of areas to juggle with many things happening all at once. This in itself can be very stressful and tiring. Do you thrive on having many things to do at once?

There can be many ups and downs in the role. When things are going well and you are making placements and taking home good commission it can be the best job in the world. However, sometimes things will not go your way. Sometimes people may not take jobs at the last minute, or a client may decide not to recruit and you will feel frustrated. At times you may feel that you are not being successful when making New Business Sales call; you may speak to someone who is not receptive to what you had to say. You may feel at times that things are not going well. How resilient are you? Are you the sort of person who will look at how you could be better at your job, who will pick themselves up from being down and try even harder to get to where you want to be?

Other things to think about as you consider this Career Path are; How much do you enjoy persuading other people to do things you want them to? How confident are you? How do you get on with different groups of people? Are you happy talking at lots of different levels? Do you want to become an expert in a field of business? If so, what area

Recruitment Consultancy is a growing and competitive industry. As a result, it gives you the opportunity to work within a very social environment with like-minded, driven and confident individuals. As most of your salary will be based around very generous, uncapped-commission schemes there tends to be a direct correlation between the amount of work that you put in and the size of your pay cheque. Such a meritocracy means that those who are willing to put in the most work will be rewarded with both a higher salary and also a faster-route to promotion!

All managers and directors started as trainees and simply worked their way up. The companies we work with have strong positive promotion cultures where they recruit a pool of graduate talent with a view to fast tracking trainees to positions of responsibility.

Recruitment offers the opportunity to learn both invaluable transferable skills and in-depth industry knowledge. You are likely to be working in a niche sector where you will come to understand the complexities and dynamics of particular markets whilst working with industry high-fliers. On that basis, you become a very valuable resource to your clients-you are a person in the know! The days are long but it is so fast-paced that the day goes in a blink of an eye. Finally, and probably most importantly, it offers you the opportunity to earn an incredible amount of money within a very short period of time

Entry-level into Recruitment will be as a Resourcer/Researcher or as a Trainee Consultant. Training, career and commission structure will vary between companies.

Most companies will initially give you a mix of on-the-job, internal and external training conducted by recruitment and industry specialists with the aim of arming you with the necessary tools and expertise to put you at the top of your game and ahead of your competitors.

Typically in the initial stages of your role, you will be more candidate focussed and your role will be to generate candidates until you learn and become more comfortable in your sector. This is where your natural persuasion skills will come into play as you gain the candidates trust and exclusivity to use the services of yourself and your company only.

TSA is a specialist Recruitment to Recruitment company and unique in our service offering.

Traditionally, when recruitmen companies looking to bring new talent into their organisation, they hire graduates or sales professionals with no in-depth understanding of the industry.

This has led to a high turnover of staff and at a heavy cost to the employer in terms of wages and training costs.

Here at TSA, we only work with the top 10% achievers in their specialist Sales profession, who have a proven sales track record before we pre-induct them into the industry via our extensive recruitment academy which is designed to give an in-depth understanding of the role and industry to allow you to make a decision if recruitment is the industry for you, and the training to accelerate your professional development when you start your new career.


Our Recruitment Partners work across all industry sectors and have an excellent reputation in the market for quality of service. We have selected our clients because we believe they can offer excellent opportunities in terms of career progression, remuneration and training to our candidates and have the reputation in the market already.

TSA have a history with all of the companies that candidates we represent interview with and have a thorough understanding of the types of people they look for and where people would fit into that business. Thus, candidates are matched appropriately and sent on the right interviews by experts in their field!

TSA manages the process for our candidates and offers a complete knowledge on the companies at which candidates will be interviewing, the interviewers, specific qualities that need highlighting, the line and types of questions that could be asked and even the appropriate attire for each interview!

At the end of each interview, feedback is delivered to the candidate in a constructive and beneficial way to ensure further interview success.

Your salary is generally made up of a basic salary, commission and bonuses. It will usually take about 3 months for your candidates to start getting placed and for you to begin building up commission. Commission is generally based on your own personal revenue generation, but some companies also do a team commission scheme.

Companies may also contribute to health insurance, pension contributions, mobile phone bills, gym membership, loans for travel cards etc-this will vary on an individual basis. Incentives may be on an individual or team basis and can include trips away, all expenses paid nights out to some of London’s top bars and restaurants and most companies will let you choose your own individual incentives.